Hi, I’m David.

I’m a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary designer working in theatre, dance, live performance and TV and film. 

My theatrical background includes training in dance (performance and choreography), directing, devised theatre, fine art, properties and scenic construction and design, as well as experience in circus arts and puppetry.

I approach the role of designer as one that cannot exist by itself. I believe that the success of a production depends entirely on how seamlessly all of its elements not only fit together, but complement and play off of one another.

As a designer, I am interested in costume design as an exploration of a character’s psychology – the use of clothing, styling and posture to expose or conceal a character’s frame of mind – producing tensions that create a visual subtext. 

This view of the role of designer fuels my passion for all types of work, from realism to high expressionism. 

Please reach out if you’d like to chat or collaborate!