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"The other important supporting factor here is impeccable design. We're normally put-off by multiple costume changes that aren't strictly necessary, but David Hyman's work supports the story without being intrusive."

--Julienne Bilker, The Chicagoist


"...transformation of Mickey’s bedroom is both ingenious and in keeping with the boys’ new fondness for tearing down the status quo; David Hyman’s killer costumes are equally inventive."

--Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago


"This Pavement Group show... [is] the most fully realized and enjoyable."

"David Perez's high-energy production has wit enough to match Moss's script."

--Tony Adler, Chicago Reader


"...they’re typical teenage guys (except for being on rollerskates). What’s not typical is how creatively Pavement Group manages to re-imagine this story in their production, forging a fresh look at the ways we join social movements to hide from ourselves."

"Acting is controlled, perfectly paced, and full of hormonal energy; and this edge extends to savvy technical theater."

--Monica Westin, Newcity Stage


By Gregory S Moss


Directed by David Perez

Pavement Group

Steppenwolf's Garage Rep

February-April 2010

All original artwork and designs are © David B. Hyman