Mojada Press


"All of the design’s color comes from David Hyman’s costumes and Liviu Pasare’s perfectly accentuating projections, which bring intense drama to the family’s journey to America."

--Newcity Stage


"Sandra Marquez’s assimilated businesswoman offers a stark contrast upon her entrance; she is an imposition to the world Alfaro’s script and Chad Yew’s direction so vividly construct. In this world, her demeanor and dress (thanks to David Hyman’s costume) feel as foreign as she perceives Medea to be. Hyman also aids Juan Fancisco Villa as he clearly transforms from an immigrant into an acclimated man on his way to obtaining his citizenship."

--Chicago Stage Standard


By Luis Alfaro


Directed by Chay Yew

Victory Gardens Theatre



Set Designer: Yu Shibagaki

Lighting Designer: Heather Giilbert

All original artwork and designs are © David B. Hyman