Medea with Child Press


“So much meticulous attention has been given to every detail in performance and design each moment brings new discoveries and revelations. ...David Hyman’s construction of Media’s costume alone deserves an award and Wright certainly wears it well. She may be a killer, but girl knows how to bring the Hoodoo Mama chic!”

--Paige Listerud, Chicago Theatre Blog


"[Media] wears a towering black headdress, a gown of jagged lace, a belt of what looks like scalps or horsetails, and has an obscene baby-bundle strapped to her chest like a tumor"

“there is tension, cohesiveness and stillness…. here is precision, the promised doom, and four beautiful death-effects in perfect is bold, ambitious work, unafraid of making messes, and often spectacular - totally worth the effort."

--C.S.E. Cooney, CenterStage Chicago

Medea with Child

By Janet Burroway


Directed by Jonathan L. Green

Sideshow Theatre Co.

Spring 2010

All original artwork and designs are © David B. Hyman